The Grand Parkway is an outer beltway, approximately 184 miles long being constructed around Houston at a cost over 5.2 billion dollars. It is the longest beltway project of any US city and the third loop project for Houston.

It is being built in eleven segments with the first part being built in 1994. The area from State Highway 249 to I-45 is known as Segment F-2 and is approximately 12 miles long and is being constructed at a cost estimated at 416 million. Construction to begin in January 2013  with plans to be completed in 2015. The completion is estimated to coincide with phase two of Exxon’s massive relocation to the new campus.

See the map for the selected alignment for Segment F-2. The impact to the area will be massive for the Exxon’s mobility into their site and for access to South Montgomery County and North Harris County, to the Houston Intercontinental Airport. The Woodlands will become even more vital as a center of commerce as the Grand Parkway brings more traffic to its front door.The 28,000 acre master planned community of The Woodlands is directly to the North of the new Exxon campus and the Grand Parkway’s crossing of Interstate 45 between FM 2920 and the Hardy Tollway. The Woodlands area will be further impacted by this easy access bringing a higher demand for housing to its already quickly diminishing supply