Having your home on the market during the holiday season can be challenging and stressful, but as the saying goes, “Life goes on!” and so must the festivities that the season brings.

The holidays can be a great time to stage your home with a bit of glitz to show off all those fine features.  Why not host a party and get that increased exposure.  All the festive decor can make your home more memorable to potential buyers, and this is the time to control those memories and turn them into your favor.

Here are some tips that I found in in our monthly Real Estate Advisor newsletter for ensuring your success in showing your home and having fun, too!

Decor:  When “Less is More”

Be aware of the scale of items you bring in, and consider taking other items out when decorating for the season.  You can redecorate again after the events are over.  Remember, this is still your home, and you can have fun while also making smart choices to sell it.

Choose decorations to showcase great features of the home; if you have a high ceiling with crown molding, following the lines of a Christmas tree can illuminate this asset.  If your room is small be sure that the tree you choose does not overpower the space.

Baking cookies and goodies always creates a wonderful, warm smell in the house especially during the holidays.  People won’t laugh that you are luring them in with all of the yummy smells because many people really do a lot of baking this time of year.  However, watch out for overpowering smells of other food and scented candles that can make it seem like you are masking odors.

Live Christmas trees are wonderful smelling but can present issues if your home is dry and warm; the browning needles may drop from trees and garlands, so make sure you have a broom or vacuum handy and keep that tree watered well so everything looks fresh and lively.

Planning a Christmas Party?  Remember, week-ends are prime time for showing a home. You may want to consult with your realtor to find out trends in your area when choosing time of the day or week for entertaining.  Look at options for the timing of your party; there are trade offs and advantages to each.  You really don’t have to stop entertaining during the holidays – you just have to be smart about it.  Enjoy your home, show it off to groups of people, and still live a life you love.

We want to thank all of our loyal website followers, clients, both past and present, for allowing us to help you with your real estate needs.  Our business and lives have been blessed by your generous support and we are truly grateful to each and everyone of you.

From The Texas Team to you and your family, may your hearts and homes be filled with the joy and spirit of Christmas this season.  We wish you many blessings, prosperity and the best of luck in 2013!


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