Marshall Walker

Creative Marketing Director

Marshall F. Walker, 2nd generation in the real estate field, brings a modern twist to the industry. Responsible for overseeing the creative direction including media production, managing marketing, analytics, advertising, and promotional and activities at Texas Glocal Partners.

Real Estate Experience:

Hands on experience with personalizing the listing for clients as an unlicensed assistant.

Advertising and Marketing:
  • Website at
  • Markets to specifically targeted qualified market groups
  • Media specialist since 2003
  • Memberships and Affiliations:
  • Co-Founder of Houston Area Photography
  • Member of The Woodlands Camera Club
  • Photographer & Writer for Space City Rock
  • Photographer for Pegstar publications
  • Photographer & Brand Ambassador for Smilebooth
  • Founder of Forse Media
  • Founder of Marshall F Walker photography
  • Staging
  • Real estate photography
  • Database entry & personalizing listings
  • Social media campaigns & marketing
  • Assistant to the transaction coordinator
  • Data analyst of market
  • Customers relations management
Area of expertise:

Creative & Marketing coordination